How the Correct Approach to Pipe Bending Can Deliver Big Automotive Gains

Many people do not understand that true automotive performance can only be achieved when the engineers and technicians responsible for creating the individual components take extra care in their craft. In other words, don't expect a car that is one of many thousands to roll off the production line to be the ultimate driving machine, unless you take some extra steps to improve it once it's in your enthusiastic hands. While you can make many different improvements here, why should you start with your exhaust?

Lots of Potential

The exhaust system is one of the largest component groups on your vehicle and is often overlooked by performance seekers. They may think that this whole setup is simply a way of getting rid of unwanted gases, but if it's not put together properly, it can create back pressure and "strangle" the engine.

The Average Approach

Most car manufacturers outsource the production of their exhaust systems and buy in very large quantities. When these pipes are initially fabricated, they are done so according to a set template and with speed, using rudimentary tools. As each part of the pipe is bent into shape, it can deform to an extent, and this means that the internal diameter is not uniform along its length. With such a restriction in place, gases may not flow efficiently from start to finish causing a backup and the aforementioned restriction.

The Correct Way

To help your car breathe properly get rid of the exhaust system from the manifold all the way to the rear of the car. Next, get in touch with a pipe bending professional who uses the right type of tool for this purpose, also known as a mandrel. This solution fits within the pipe when it is heated and before it is bent, to make sure that the internal diameter remains uniform, no matter what.

Joining It All up

The typical exhaust system in a modern car has many individual components joined together and can change direction multiple times as it moves from the manifold back towards the rear. Consequently, there are several opportunities for improvement if the correct bending technique is used and all of these subtle changes add up to big gains.

Starting the Process

Start off by bending the pipes correctly and then fit your new system to an upgraded cat and silencer box, and you will have made the first significant step on your road to automotive excellence.

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