How to Choose the Right Off-road Bull Bar

Bull bars are grilles that can be attached to the front of your vehicle. They are generally used for off-road vehicles. They offer protection from collisions, including animal strikes and damage from the environment such as tree stumps. They can be made from steel, aluminium or plastic. There are many different styles available. The design you choose may depend on price, aesthetics and how you will be using your vehicle.

Steel bull bars

Steel bull bars are very strong, so they are an effective method of protection from animal strikes, such as from kangaroos. Additionally, they are generally cheaper than bars made from aluminium. Steel can be easily repaired and requires little maintenance. However, it is heavier than aluminium or plastic. You should consider the weight of a steel bar with the maximum weight limit for your vehicle.

Aluminium bull bars

Some aluminium bars are as strong as those made from steel, and they also weigh less. However, they are more likely to break under pressure, and they are generally more expensive than the other options available. Aluminium bars may be polished to provide a shiny appearance. The polish will need to be reapplied regularly, and stains can occur over time.

Plastic bull bars

Plastic is lighter than both steel and aluminium. If these bull bars become damaged, they can be easily detached. However, plastic is also the weakest option available. This material is often used for vehicles driving through urban environments, as they are the least likely to injure pedestrians in the case of an accident.

Bull bar styles

There are various bull bar designs available. These differ between brands and vehicle model. They include bumper, Baja, competition, nudge, single hoop and triple hoop. Bumper bars have a simple design that protects a large area of the front of your vehicle. Baja bars are similar to the bumper style, but they offer added strength to the front of your vehicle. However, they can only be used off-road.

Competition bars provide protection and clear the off-road area effectively. If they become damaged, they are easy to remove. They are typically used in off-road competitions. Nudge bars are generally more aesthetically pleasing, but they can only withstand light pressure.

Single hoop bars are fitted over your vehicle's radiator. They are light-weight and offer effective protection against collisions. Triple hoop bars provide the highest level of protection. However, they are also the most expensive option. They should be used in high-risk animal strike areas.

Work with a local off-road bull bar supplier to find the right fit for you needs. 

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