Reasons To Consider Vehicle Dyno Tuning

Vehicle dyno tuning is a closely guarded secret among car enthusiast communities. Regardless, the process can significantly improve how you use your vehicle. This piece explores the reasons you should explore dyno tuning in your car. 

If You Plan To Use The Vehicle On The Track 

You need a proper ECU setup if you plan to use your vehicle on the track. Typically, an engine tune allows you to maximise the vehicle's horsepower, giving you a competitive edge over other drivers. Regardless, it is always wise to know how much you can push your vehicle's engine without risking damage such as a cracked block or overheating. Typically, your car tuner assesses the condition of your car engine to establish how best to tune the vehicle without risking the engine's longevity. For example, they could upgrade the cooling system to prevent overheating at high revs and speeds. Moreover, they could monitor the vehicle on the track to establish which parameters require adjustments to avoid mechanical issues during the race. 

When You Intend To Tow Heavier Loads

Most trucks have large engines with low horsepower and torque ratings. This significantly limits the loads that owners can tow. For instance, the owner could be forced to leave some camping gear at home since the vehicle specifications restrict them to a specified load. An engine tune increases the car's torque, giving you the low-end power required to haul heavy loads. Low-end power also comes in handy for drag race drivers. Given that you will be racing your vehicle in a short strip, you need significant power to catapult the car in the low and mid gears. 

When You Install New Hardware

Car enthusiasts love to install aftermarket hardware such as air filters, turbos, exhausts, injectors, fuel pumps, and injectors. However, the manufacturer's ECU map does not support these upgrades. Therefore, owners often complain about poor performance or fuel consumption after installing these upgrades. The best approach would be tuning the ECU settings to incorporate the new changes. For instance, a performance turbo, exhaust, or injector significantly affects the air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. Therefore, the vehicle will either run rich or lean. However, dyno tuning allows you to adjust the fuel or air ratio to ensure the car burns an equal amount of fuel or air. This way, you can enjoy your new hardware. 

As a best practice, you should consult an experienced tuner when considering a dyno tune. The professional inspects your vehicle and helps you explore your tuning options. This way, you know what to expect after the tune.  

For more information about vehicle dyno tuning, contact a mechanic.

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