How to Choose Between a Detachable and Fixed Towbar

If you've decided that the time is right to get a towbar for your car, then you have to choose whether to have a detachable or fixed model. There isn't any difference between these two options apart from the fact that one only goes on the car when you need it and the other one is there permanently.

If you can't make your mind up between the two, ask yourself the following questions.

How Often Will You Use the Towbar?

If you plan on using the towbar regularly, then a fixed model is the easiest option. This also works well if you sometimes need to tow something at short notice. If the bar is in on your car, it's ready to use when you need it, and you don't need to keep putting it on and taking it off again.

However, if you rarely tow anything and don't see any reason why you'll use the towbar much in the future, then a detachable towbar may suit you more. You can store the towbar in your boot or garage in case you do end up using it but don't need it on your car permanently.

Does Your Car Have Parking Sensors?

If your car has parking sensors, then they won't know what the tow bar is. They'll see it and simply register it as an object that is in the way. This can interfere with the messages you get when you park or reverse. For example, you may get false alerts that there is something behind you when there isn't actually anything there because your system is factoring your towbar into its sensor detection system.

If you use your sensor system a lot, then the alerts you get over a fixed towbar will drive you crazy quickly. It may be better to opt for a detachable one instead.

Does the Towbar Get in the Way?

While tow bars aren't that big, they do stick out from the back of your car. You may find that the bar gets in the way. For example, it may be harder to park in tight spots if the towbar adds a bit of length to the vehicle.

It's also easy to trip over a towbar and to bang your legs against it whenever you use your boot. Both of these problems could be painful. If you prefer to keep the back of your car clear, then a detachable towbar may be the right choice; if this doesn't bother you, then a fixed option is fine.

To take a look at tow bars and to get more advice on how to choose the right towing equipment, contact a local auto accessories company.

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