5 Reasons to Replace Your OEM Air Intake with a Cold Air Intake

When you're looking for performance upgrades to make to your car, why not think about replacing your OEM intake with a cold air intake? These work by drawing cold air from outside the vehicle into the engine, and they present a wide range of advantages.

Here are just five reasons why you should add a cold air intake.

1. Added Power

The main reason to add a cold air intake to your car is to enjoy added power. They move the air filter to the outside the engine area to ensure that cooler air is directed in for combustion. The colder the air, the denser the air, and that means more oxygen. With more oxygen coming into the combustion chamber, you can count on enjoying added power. You'll feel a particularly noticeable increase in acceleration.

2. Superior Fuel Efficiency

In most cases, boosting performance means lowering efficiency ratings, but that's not the case when you install a cold air intake. Remember, they work by bringing more oxygen into the engine. That doesn't just produce more power – it also means the combustion chamber requires less fuel to work properly. If you want to save on fuel costs and stop off at gas stations less regularly, fitting this Aeroflow Performance Part can help.

3. Longer Lasting

The OEM intake that comes with your car will do a fine job. Unfortunately, most of them come fitted with a simple, disposable paper filter. Since filters are used to catch debris and anything that might otherwise infiltrate your engine, they need to be replaced fairly regularly. A cold air intake uses longer-lasting filters, so you won't need to make replacements nearly as often.

4. Evocative Sound

Take a look at an OEM intake next to a cold air intake, and you'll quickly notice that the OEM version has multiple bends where the cold air intake has minimal bends. OEM intakes are built that way to muffle the sound of the engine. Cold air intakes use a long duct and minimal bends to ensure air reaches the engine as cool as possible. Since there are fewer bends, the engine gives a fiercer roar, which many performance drivers enjoy.

5. Low Cost and Easy Install

There are plenty of changes you can make to your car in order to boost performance, but most of them are either fairly expensive or hard to fit. If you're looking for something more manageable, cold air intakes are a good idea. They can typically be found for just a few hundred dollars, and as engine modifications go, they are extremely easy to install.

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