Why 3D Car Floor Mats Are Worth The Investment For Cattle Farmers

Anybody involved in running a cattle station or a multi-purpose farm that raises cattle as well as crops knows that versatile all-terrain vehicles are essential for any efficient cattle farming business. Unfortunately, cattle farming is messy work, and keeping the interior of your your ute, 4x4 or other agricultural vehicle clean can be next to impossible.

Floor mats can be very helpful for protecting the footwells of your vehicle from mud, manure and other forms of dirt, but most basic car floor mats will quickly become saturated with dirt, especially during wetter parts of the year. 3D car floor mats are more expensive than conventional floor mats, but they have a number of key advantages that make them ideal for keeping cattle farming vehicles clean.

Why should you choose 3D floor mats for your cattle farming vehicles?

Edge-to-edge protection

Most basic felt and rubber floor mats are made to standard sizes designed to fit most vehicles. As a cattle farmer, you are more likely to be driving a larger ute or 4x4, which tend to have larger-than-average footwells. If you fit standard floor mats in these vehicles, they will leave gaps between their edges and the edges of the footwell, allowing dirt and moisture to stain the carpet of your vehicle.

On the other hand, the vast majority of 3D floor mats are custom-made — simply give a 3D floor mat maker the dimensions of your vehicle's footwells, and they will craft floor mats that fit these dimensions exactly. This leaves no gaps between the mats and the edges of the footwells, providing your vehicle's carpet with thorough protection. Most 3D floor mats are also fitted with raised walls around their edges, which prevent moisture, wet soil and other liquids from spilling over the sides of the mat and staining your interior.

Prevent scattering of solid dirt

3D floor mats get their unique name from the raised designs and patterns on their surfaces, which give them a truly 3-dimensional appearance. These raised mouldings aren't just for show, however; they also help to catch dry, solid lumps of dirt, manure or other contaminants, preventing them from rolling around the interior of your vehicle and causing widespread soiling. This makes 3D mats just as useful during droughts and dry seasons as they are during wetter parts of the year.

Excellent longevity

3D floor mats are designed to shrug off heavy soiling and are made from extremely tough rubber or synthetic rubber derivatives. As such, well-made 3D floor mats can last an extremely long time, even with heavy use. Although they are more expensive than standard mats, they represent a better long-term investment for most cattle farmers, and you will have to replace them a lot less frequently compared to basic floor mats

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